Services that can be provided by a translator is clearly limited, but certainly a little more than you think. Some of my colleagues strictly only offer translation and no interpretation, while some do the exact opposite. I know some who specialize in only proofreading. A few even do voice-overs. To the extent my experience allows me, I too provide some other services besides translation.


The primary service I offer is obviously translation. Having worked as a translator for 7 years, I am highly experienced in translating written and recorded content, whether it is technical or scientific or academic or what have you. I have overcome many challenging and tricky translation jobs in my career and I continue to do so every day. And I believe my portfolio backs me up on this.

Proofreading & Editing

Secondly, I provide proofreading and editing work on translations made by others. Everybody makes mistakes and that includes us translators too. When you are not sure if the translation you got is top quality, you might want to get it proofread.

Website Localization

Localization by itself means cultural adaptation of the subject. So, it involves comprehensive knowledge and/or study of the target culture. And website localization differs a little bit from translation as it might involve some knowledge of HTML (or CSS, PHP, etc.) coding. As I have extensive knowledge of Turkish culture and basic knowledge of some of the coding languages, I provide website localization services too.


As I sworn translator & interpreter of the Notary Public, I am also certified to provide interpretation services. And I provide consecutive interpretation services, though I only do so locally.

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